Gloria Smith Counseling Office
Gloria Smith, MA, LMFT, LPC
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

I work daily with the feelings of stress, anxiety and depression that seem to be the unpleasant disrupters that threaten the well-being and joy we want to feel. Your emotional discomfort and pain certainly limit the quality of life and need to be addressed in a way that brings relief and resolution. I offer counseling to help you cope with crisis, resolve problems, and deal with relationship or family matters.
   My Credentials
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Over 34 years of extensive experience as a family, marriage, and individual counselor
  • Private practice since 1981
Individual Counseling
You may come to my office with various concerns in your life that involve your emotional health, relationships, or family problems. Counseling allows you to focus exclusive attention on the troubling parts of your life. I understand that some issues are difficult to acknowledge and discuss. Please know that sensitive topics are received in a non-judgmental manner and handled with discretion. Addiction and sexuality are routine topics in my office. Medication may be a significant part of therapy. I facilitate referrals to pediatricians, family physicians, and psychiatrists. 

Relationship Counseling 
Relationship counseling is the highlight of my daily counseling experience. I feel privileged to join with you to hear your very personal hurts and pains around disappointments and unmet expectations in your relationship.

I know that many times you would do most anything to make things right with your partner, but you’ve tried and the marriage or relationship is still not what you want. You may be quite discouraged about all the trying when your feelings aren’t heard and your needs aren’t met. Too much fighting and not enough closeness may be your situation.

The dissatisfaction with your marriage or relationship may have brought you to the place of wondering if you should keep on trying to fix your problems or be done with it and get on with your life.

Romantic and sexual relationships are difficult to maintain because of your level of vulnerability and investment. Of course, when the relationship is good you revel in the attention, affections, closeness, comfort and support.

I can work with you to bring clarity to your situation. Together we can explore possibilities and options. Perhaps we can figure out the formula for change. I suggest you try the counseling experience!

Family Counseling
I am a family friendly counselor. I enjoy interacting with children, adolescents, and adults. Parents are always an integral part of all therapy. Family therapy is a place to improve understanding, strengthen bonds, and increase cooperation between family members.

I hear children’s fears and concerns. I listen to teenagers to find out what is important to them and what they want from their parents. I address disruptive or objectionable behavior and facilitate dialogue among children, adolescents, and parents.

Common goals may include improving understanding between parents with differing parenting styles or between parents and adolescents concerning problematic behaviors. Another goal might involve addressing the conflict between siblings and how they share their space and possessions.

School issues are often a subject for family counseling. Academic performance or relationships with peers and teachers are most frequently the cause for concern. In family therapy, parents, and child or adolescent can address the concern together and create options for resolving the problems

ADHD questionnaires can be given in our counseling session and the results taken by the parent to the family pediatrician or psychiatrist for further evaluation.

Therapy to fit your schedule and your needs
Office hours: Monday through Thursday
9am to 4pm
Counseling hours: Monday through Thursday
10am to 7pm

Services Provided
Individual Therapy
Couples Counseling
Relationship and Marriage Therapy
Family Therapy
Depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD
Addictive and compulsive behaviors
ADHD for children and adults
Therapy for emotional, sexual, or physical abuse
Bereavement and Grief
Provider for GBLT individuals
Job stress or transition
History of serving ministers and their families
Pre-Marital Counseling
Appreciation and work with emergency first responders, police, firefighters, and EMS
Emotional investment in the special needs of military active duty and veterans
Anger management
Understanding of issues with aging

Fees and Insurance
Counseling - $95/hour (Private Pay)
Private pay clients, please call Barbara
at 210-497-2880 to schedule your appointment. 
FAST TRACK scheduling for Private Pay clients

Accepted Insurance Plans:
Tricare Prime
Tricare Standard
Tricare for Life
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cancellation Policy:
Please be advised that a credit card will be required at the time of booking to hold an appointment time. Our office cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice or a $50 fee will be charged. A $75 fee will be assigned for any appointment missed without notification.